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Knowing which resources are available to help juveniles, young adults and victims when they need them, facilitates just and fair outcomes. Tyra understands and knows how to access these resources.

  • Tried, as lead counsel, over 150 contested criminal and juvenile trials and hearings

  • Developed diversionary Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP)

  • Developed diversionary 1st Offender Program for youth under age 12

  • Developed Family Safety and Crisis Intervention Program

  • Authored and presented over 50 trainings for law enforcement, prosecutors, school administrators, citizen academies, and community organizations 

  • Presenter, Juvenile Justice Association of Texas (JJAT) Regional Conference (2021)

Justice requires action.



  • Understanding the innerworkings of the criminal and juvenile courts is what levels the playing field across all communities and promotes equal justice. Tyra works with many groups and organizations to seek out options that divert our teens and young adults away from the criminal justice system when certain conduct should not be criminalized.

  • Educating the community about the law, civil and criminal, helps to close educational, economic and social gaps, and fosters a justice system that holds everyone equally accountable. Tyra supports empowering all participants in the justice system so that they will have the tools to help themselves.

  • Routinely handling juvenile, criminal and the types of cases that are the business of the Fort Bend County Courts at Law develops familiarity and the ability to efficiently resolve court caseloads. Tyra manages her caseloads effectively so participants and litigants can resolve their cases without unnecessary delay.   

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