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"My life and work experience have taught me that in times of challenge, the people who know what to do, and are able to help you do it, make the difference."

                                                         -Tyra McCollum

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Putting Tyra's Experience
to Work

Tyra has worked in the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office for 24 years.  She has worked on misdemeanor, intake, felony and specialized caseloads, and currently serves as the Chief of the Juvenile Division—her current role since 2004.  She has been a strong voice for children and victims within Fort Bend County throughout her career.  No passion has been greater for her than her hands on work to rehabilitate juveniles and young adults.  

Tyra has worked closely with parents, families, the Courts, therapists, treatment providers and the juvenile probation department to support the success of juveniles and meet their needs in times of delinquency crisis. 

Tyra is also an Adjunct Professor at Houston Baptist University (HBU) teaching a government course on “US Court Systems”.  She has guest lectured at Texas Southern University and the University of Houston, and regularly makes presentations on Juvenile Law and the justice system.


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